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Future Internet: Management & Operation

February 26th, 2008

Okay, Okay I know I may have to drop this ‘Future Internet’ nomenclature in all posts I would not be in research unless it towards the future internet, however may I just say that in this case the EU FP7 Unit D, have clustered the call one projects, which can be seen below
From this I can say that a number of us from the TSSG CIM group are involved in 3 of these projects, 4WARD, EFIPSANS & AutoI, which are nicely clustered close together. In one of my previous posts you may have seen 4WARD, so a few words on EFIPSANS & AutoI.
EFIPSANS aims to expose the features in IPv6 protocol(s) that can be exploited or extended for the purposes of designing and building autonomic networks and services. This will involve the production of standardisable, protocol-agnostic Autonomic Behaviour Specifications (ABs) for selected diverse networking environments.
AutoI will design and develop a self-managing virtual resource overlay that can span across heterogeneous networks, support service mobility, quality of service and reliability. This overlay will self-manage based on the business-driven service goals changes (service context) and resource environment changes (resource context).
Accordingly, AutoI, suggests a transition from a service agnostic Internet to service-aware network resources by means of Virtualising network resources and Policy-Based Management techniques to describe and control the internal service logic, utilising Ontology-based information and data models to facilitate the Internet service deployment in terms of programmable networks facilities supporting NGN.
I good part of our work on AutoI follows on from our success in the SFI ACMNS project.
Finally there were some interesting presentations from the FP7 Consultation Meeting on the Future Internet, well worth a little look.

Leading the way 4WARD

February 26th, 2008

So my travels this year started with the kick off meeting for the EU FP7 ICT project 4WARD.
4WARD Logo
We are creating an “Architecture and Design for the Future Internet” and in doing so 4WARD aims to increase the competitiveness of the European networking industry and to improve the quality of life for European citizens by creating a family of dependable and interoperable networks providing direct and ubiquitous access to information.
These future wireless and wireline networks will be designed to be readily adaptable to current and future needs, at acceptable cost. 4WARD’s goal is to make the development of networks and networked applications faster and easier, leading to both more advanced and more affordable communication services.
Hosting this first event were IT Lisbon, and I must say for such a large event they did an excellent job, and it’s not usual I say that, but really the whole event and the 25 course meal were something else.
As for the TSSG we are specifcally looking at Tenet 1: Let 1000 Networks Bloom, in which we are exploring a new approach to a multitude of networks: the best network for each task, each device, each customer, and each technology. We are attempting to create a framework in which it will be easy for many networks to bloom as part of a family of interoperable networks that can co-exist and complement each other.
And Tenet 2: Let Networks Manage Themselves. This were we would like to have a “default-on” management entity, which is an inseparable part of the network itself, generating extra value in terms of guaranteed performance in a cost effective way, and capable of adjusting itself to different network sizes, configurations, and external conditions.
Both activities have got off to a flying start, and we have a number of follow up workshops in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

TridentCom 2008 is nearly upon me

February 22nd, 2008

The very last of the camera ready papers have been uploaded and now the count down to TridentCom 2008 has really begun.
March 17th – 20th and Innsbruck, Austria will be invaded by, not another set of skiers ….. but a set of researchers hell bent on forging the future internet.
The programme has really come together in the past couple of months ….. it hasn’t been easy but I must say the organizing committee, in Frank, Raheem, Pablo, Sandor, Peter, Thomas, Dorothy, Eamonn, Jens, Imrich, Thomas, Csaba & Laurens have just been brilliant to me, and will prove to be a hard act to follow in 2009.
I’ve put together a very ‘normal’ Welcome Note on the site, I thought I would try something different, but after many, many edits and what seemed like endless reviews, I played it safe …… maybe next time.
I meant to add I had uploaded TridentCom to, and found one other attendee …. I was excited that someone else from the conference may use this site …… but eventually it ended up being someone from the TSSG :-).
I also found Tridentcom already up on the Conffab site. Now I must admit I’m not 100% clear about the end goal purpose of this site, however I’ve signed up and have taken ownership of the conference. I will add the sessions and some comments and see if there are others at the conference that would be willing to give feedback through this site.

Making it into the New Year

February 19th, 2008

How appropriate that my very last blog entry of 2007 was on calendars …….. mine has been completely full since 17th Dec 2007 up until this week, where upon I took in New York (vacation), Dublin, Lisbon, Turin, London (soccer match) and Brussels. That’s 20,969km in 8 weeks, which can been seen on this map.
That’s a carbon foot print of well …… I don’t righly know to be honest. I think it’s about 14.7kg, but I just haven’t been able to find a site in which I can just add the figure 20,969km and it would show me the kg, or tonnes of CO2 emmitted (average of course). Ohh well I’ll still need to plant about 10 trees.
As for my future travel, I’m attempting to add a Dopplr badge to this blog so you can see where I’m heading in the future, just take a look to below.