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Clonmel Carers Association Mini Marathon 10km

October 23rd, 2011

Finished a tough course in a race time of 0:47:26. When measured on the official timing chip it was 0:47:23 which makes sense as it took a few seconds to cross the timing mat.

Wow I must say that was a tough olde race in driving wind and rain, and to boot some tough climbs in there too. I was still left a little disappointed with the time, however I have my doubts it was 10km, my GPS tracker pegged it at 10.27km. On the tracker the 10km mark was measured at 46:03 which isn’t too bad after all. Still though I’ll try it again next year and see what happens.

Start line of Clonmel 10KM

Start line of Clonmel 10KM: I'm in there on the right