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All the ones

December 23rd, 2012
All the ones by miguelpdl
All the ones, a photo by miguelpdl on Flickr.

Carrick AC Winter League #10

December 11th, 2012

The last race of the winter league and on the watch 19:23 and from the official timer 19:23 that’s my best time of the series of 10 runs and all thanks to the fast starter with our group.
There was a guy that took an early lead in the first km and opened up a gap which over the course of the next 4km I tried to reel in but the distance between us just seemed to stay the same & I just didn’t make it.
However overall I got my PB and by some 14 secs which I’m delighted with and in being allocated 12 points it was another great end to the series.
Overall the best 8 runs I scored 280 points which means nothing until the official results are released Saturday. Either which way it was a good winter series and I’ll definitely go for it again.

Update : The final points tally was released and I was allocated 301 points which placed me in 30th out of 136 participants.
The winner was on 163 points. Overall I’m happy with that. A little mad that I only completed 7 out of the possible 10 runs but still that last run was great.

Carrick AC Winter League #9

December 4th, 2012

I missed last week and so i was wondering how this race would pan out. On the watch 19:38 and from the official timer 19:38.

It was a mass start tonight which was great I got into a rhythm fairly quickly and felt great until the 3/4 mark upon which I started to lose strength a little. Still I’m happy with the run and it was just 1 seconds off my PB and on finishing I thought I could have given more.

Points wise I got 18, which is reflective of my better time. Next week is the last one.