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1st real 10km training session

July 31st, 2011

Session 1 of 24 holy crap that was hard, but my 1st full 10km ever and under the 60 min mark so happy days.

Session 1: 55 minute workout micoach data

Session 1: 55 minute workout micoach data

And directly afterwards my reaction

First running assessment before training for 10km race

July 30th, 2011

I’ve been running this past year or so without a specific goal in mind and so I spotted this Kilkenny Half Marathon / 10km for Sept 18 2011 and I thought what the hell I’ll go for it.

Signed up during the week and then I though how exactly do I train for a 10km run? What time should I aim for? Should I just look to finish the damn thing!

I have used Smartrunner for a good while now, it’s good for recording runs but it hasn’t got a training scheme built into it. In looking for another phone app I found micoach from Adidas and at first glance it seems to be what I’m looking for so I’m giving it a try.

It has helped me set out an 8 week 24 session training plan to tackle the 10km which I must admit I’ve never done before so let’s see what happens

Today was assessment day and here’s what happened

micoach first assessment of running

micoach first assessment of running

And a recording of my impression of the assessment

Mia and Kate cooking up some apple & jam tarts

July 24th, 2011

the girls are all excited making apple and jam tarts with their Mammy

Little PdL ducks out shopping

July 10th, 2011