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Carrick AC Winter League #7

November 20th, 2012

On the watch tonight 19:44 and on the official timer 19:46.

That’s an improvement of 15 seconds over last weeks time but still 9 seconds from my PB of 19:37.

Points wise I received 43 points which again was about the average I’ve been receiving over the course of the league.

A Capitalist’s Dilemma in investing in innovation.

November 18th, 2012

A Capitalist’s Dilemma, invest in empowering, sustaining or efficiency innovations ? –

Centralized vs Decentralized software version control:

November 17th, 2012

Centralized vs Decentralized software version control: 2010 through to 2012

Carrick AC Winter League #6

November 13th, 2012

On the watch 20:00 and from the official timer 20:01. Ahh a bit off last weeks time (off by 23 secs). I know why, I was too fast in the first 1.5km trying to keep up with another runner. I thought I was ok but when he kicked at the turn I was left behind and I really didn’t recover too well after that.

Points wise I was allocated 49 points, which is about the average amount I’ve been getting that last few weeks.

Carrick AC Winter League #5

November 6th, 2012

On the watch 19:36 and from the official timer 19:37, but overall there’s an improvement (13 secs) which I feel great about.

On the scoreboard though not so good, I was allocated 40 points. There were 77 runners in total so that’s not a great score, in fact I’m even a little confused as a chap that finished just 7 secs ahead of me was allocated 10 points (the lower the points the better). Oh well he must have had a better improvement of his time than I did, and anyway it appears in these races that your always up against yourself, so I should just concentrate on that.

Presenting the ICT PROSE project at Open World Forum

November 1st, 2012

I had the pleasure of attending the Open World Forum recently, where I got to represent a new FP7 project on open source called ICT PROSE.

Open World Forum

OWF itself really opened up my eyes to the activities happening around Europe in regards to open source in the enterprise. An overview of what I got up to is on the TSSG review of OWF12, and the rest of this post is a cross post of what I’ve written with Roberto Galoppini on behalf of the ICT PROSE project.


Can projects and organisations keep full control of their data in open source forges? This was one of the key questions asked during the recent Open Forges Summit, part of the Open World Forum 2012*, held in Paris. With Roberto Galoppini (Geeknet) as Track Chair, and Miguel Ponce de Leon (TSSG) presenting, the PROSE project had some insights to present on the matter.

As part of the summit Roberto introduced participants to the changed landscape for source forges.

From there Ross Gardler of the Apache Software Foundation highighted how forges, today, don’t make it easy to discover the individuals and the communities behind the software and he made some suggestions (around the humble honey bee) on how forges could improve the way forge users could discover the important people and communities behind open source projects.

Scott Wilson of OSS Watch showed how its possible to bridge the gap between open source development processes and app stores, particularly in the case for mobile apps – but he pondered the question on how this could be applied to other kinds of software.

Stijin Goedertier of the ADMS Working Group outlined the future plans for the AMDS.SW metadata vocabulary which is used by JoinUp to describe open source software in the forge, making it possible to more easily explore, find, and link open source software on the web.

Olivier Berger & Christian Bayle of FusionForge did a integrated presentation on the advances of interoperability of FLOSS forges from the COCLICO projects.

Miguel then shared the goals of the ICT PROSE project. Through the presentation “Empowering FLOSS in European Projects” Miguel informed the audience of the PROSE project whose objective is to accelerate the adoption of open source software on EU ICT projects. The presentation highlighted the projects plans to increase the lifetime of the software developed inside European projects and thus maximizing projects’ impacts. The presentation showed the creation and management of a platform for FLOSS project management, the development of a training program on legal and business aspects pertaining to FLOSS adoption and provided insight on a dissemination program to promote the adoption of a FLOSS-driven model in EU ICT projects.

Finally the summit concluded with Laurent Charles on behalf of Enalean, highlighting how faster innovation was achieved by them with the Tuleap forge, and how customers quickly understood the gains: more contributions, exchanges, quality developments that really match their needs while staying free and independent.

Clearly there are new opportunities on how to allow projects to keep full control over their data in open source forges and new initiatives that the EU is driving have started to address the issues.

The Open World Forum is the leading global summit meeting bringing together decision-makers, communities and developers to cross-fertilize open technological, economic and social initiatives, in order to build the digital future. The event was founded in 2008, and now takes place every year in Paris, with over 180 speakers from 40 countries, an international audience of 1,900 delegates in 2011.