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TridentCom 2008 is nearly upon me

February 22nd, 2008

The very last of the camera ready papers have been uploaded and now the count down to TridentCom 2008 has really begun.
March 17th – 20th and Innsbruck, Austria will be invaded by, not another set of skiers ….. but a set of researchers hell bent on forging the future internet.
The programme has really come together in the past couple of months ….. it hasn’t been easy but I must say the organizing committee, in Frank, Raheem, Pablo, Sandor, Peter, Thomas, Dorothy, Eamonn, Jens, Imrich, Thomas, Csaba & Laurens have just been brilliant to me, and will prove to be a hard act to follow in 2009.
I’ve put together a very ‘normal’ Welcome Note on the site, I thought I would try something different, but after many, many edits and what seemed like endless reviews, I played it safe …… maybe next time.
I meant to add I had uploaded TridentCom to, and found one other attendee …. I was excited that someone else from the conference may use this site …… but eventually it ended up being someone from the TSSG :-).
I also found Tridentcom already up on the Conffab site. Now I must admit I’m not 100% clear about the end goal purpose of this site, however I’ve signed up and have taken ownership of the conference. I will add the sessions and some comments and see if there are others at the conference that would be willing to give feedback through this site.