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Making it into the New Year

February 19th, 2008

How appropriate that my very last blog entry of 2007 was on calendars …….. mine has been completely full since 17th Dec 2007 up until this week, where upon I took in New York (vacation), Dublin, Lisbon, Turin, London (soccer match) and Brussels. That’s 20,969km in 8 weeks, which can been seen on this map.
That’s a carbon foot print of well …… I don’t righly know to be honest. I think it’s about 14.7kg, but I just haven’t been able to find a site in which I can just add the figure 20,969km and it would show me the kg, or tonnes of CO2 emmitted (average of course). Ohh well I’ll still need to plant about 10 trees.
As for my future travel, I’m attempting to add a Dopplr badge to this blog so you can see where I’m heading in the future, just take a look to below.