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Future Internet: Management & Operation

February 26th, 2008

Okay, Okay I know I may have to drop this ‘Future Internet’ nomenclature in all posts I would not be in research unless it towards the future internet, however may I just say that in this case the EU FP7 Unit D, have clustered the call one projects, which can be seen below
From this I can say that a number of us from the TSSG CIM group are involved in 3 of these projects, 4WARD, EFIPSANS & AutoI, which are nicely clustered close together. In one of my previous posts you may have seen 4WARD, so a few words on EFIPSANS & AutoI.
EFIPSANS aims to expose the features in IPv6 protocol(s) that can be exploited or extended for the purposes of designing and building autonomic networks and services. This will involve the production of standardisable, protocol-agnostic Autonomic Behaviour Specifications (ABs) for selected diverse networking environments.
AutoI will design and develop a self-managing virtual resource overlay that can span across heterogeneous networks, support service mobility, quality of service and reliability. This overlay will self-manage based on the business-driven service goals changes (service context) and resource environment changes (resource context).
Accordingly, AutoI, suggests a transition from a service agnostic Internet to service-aware network resources by means of Virtualising network resources and Policy-Based Management techniques to describe and control the internal service logic, utilising Ontology-based information and data models to facilitate the Internet service deployment in terms of programmable networks facilities supporting NGN.
I good part of our work on AutoI follows on from our success in the SFI ACMNS project.
Finally there were some interesting presentations from the FP7 Consultation Meeting on the Future Internet, well worth a little look.