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Pouzin Society meets Louis in Brussels

December 15th, 2010

This entry is cross posted from my TSSG blog.

Brussels in December is cold but then again this last week in Ireland (Dec 2010) hasn’t been a walk in the park and really I’ve been so lucky to be traveling after all the snow storms have passed. I was also lucky enough to be traveling with Patsy who kept us all in good spirits during the trip, irrespective of the wintry conditions.

Anyway this trip to Brussels was for the first European meeting of the Pouzin Society hosted in Boston University offices. Yes you read that right Boston University hosts some programmes in Europe.

The goal of the meeting was to host an initial gathering of the European networking
community, and to bring them up to speed on the progress the Pouzin Society, of PNA / RINA and to provide a status update on the current demonstrator of RINA.

The initial session of the meeting was given over to Patsy who provided a light tutorial of RINA, and a presentation of the current demonstrator of RINA (OpenTinos). Further to that Eduard gave an overview of the DTP and CDAP specifications.

John and Steve conferenced in via Skype for the next session which was devoted to the logistics and location of a possible workshop in Europe for Q3-Q4 of 2011. The next session during the meeting was given to a discussion on the marketing of PSOC through 2011, with a look at the possible online and offline presence of the society.

The next session was dedicated to the possible strategies towards member state national funding and EU funding of research with targeted deadlines in Aug 2011 and Jan 2012. There was a final session devoted to invited guests (EC) to give them an opportunity a listen in and to also present to the society.

Full minutes and presentations from the meeting can be found at the PSOC yahoo tech group (requires registration).

Now I have to say the biggest trill of the trip was getting the chance to talk with Louis Pouzin the Grandfather of the Internet. Louis was so kind to give us all a run down of his experience and the reasons why and how he designed the networking systems he was involved in. Louis is now the oldest software hacker I know!

left to right, Eduard Grasa, Miguel Ponce de Leon, Louis Pouzin, Patsy Phelan

It was great to be able to ask Louis one fundamental question “did he realize when designing datagrams that 40 plus years later there would be script kiddies and spam?”
The answer from Louis drew an hilarious response which I’m only really willing to repeat when I see you in person.

Finally for those who may not know how important Louis’s work has been to the current Internet as we know it, have a little look at this video just replace 2009, with 2011, 2012, or whatever year you’re in now, the history part still rings true.

EU – Japan Symposium on Future Internet and New Generation Networks

October 22nd, 2010

This entry is cross posted to my TSSG blog.

Directly from finishing my open source session at the 6th Future Networks concertation meeting I headed for the Brussels airport to catch a flight to Tampere, Finland (via Stockholm) for the 3rd EU-Japan Symposium on Future Internet and New Generation Networks.
The flight was easy going, and the stop off in Stockholm was nice as I got to watch some Champions League football and then relax a little in the Starbucks cafe, catching up on some emails.

Tampere is the third largest city in Finland, and the scene for a number of technological innovations, I was told the first test GSM calls were made here. The actual hotel / conference location was set in a picturesque location by a lake.

Tampere outskirts

The event itself started with some high level presentations on EU Digital Policy, the Digital Agenda for Europe and the ICT Paradigm Shift in this decade. I found the presentation Masahiko Tominaga, Vice President, NICT on NwGN R&D Strategy [pdf] the most interesting of these.

On the next break, it was great to get the opportunity to share lunch with Sasi. Now I know Sasi normally only sits a couple of floors away from me, but it’s times like this we really get a chance to discuss at length a whole miriad of topics.

After lunch the event was broken up into sepereate Tracks and I headed for Internet/Network Architectures session. Sasi presented on the emerging generation of symbiotic networks: Federated Communication Systems [pdf] while I took the opportunity to present on RINA, the Recursive Inter Network Architecture, which is based on the work originated by John Day.

What I took from the whole session was the interesting work of Takeshi Usui (NICT/KDDI Laboratories) on the Virtual Network Mobility:Advanced Mobility Management over Network Virtualization [pdf] and Nao Kawanishi (ATR) on his vision of An Open Mobile Communication System with All Strata Virtualization [pdf].

I was pleasantly surprised by the symposium and people I meet at this event and the first sign of snow, which made the long trip back, via bus to Helsinki and then plane via London Heathrow and onto Dublin a worthwhile one.