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LOI Matchday 26 Predictions

September 3rd, 2021

Had a little breather from the predictions and delighted to see the Blues still in the cup with a tastie tie up against UCD in the cup next.

Back to the league and the predictions from match day 25 was 1 correct prediction out of the 4 matches. Some shook results in there for Harps and Derry.

Running total is 52 correct predictions out of 114 predictions made so far this season in the LOI. 

So to match day 26 and only 4 matches this weekend too, and the predictions are.

Waterford (22%) vs Dundalk (54%)
The Probability of a Draw between Waterford and Dundalk is 24%

Waterford (0.85xG) vs Dundalk (1.23xG)

I have tickets for this match and it should be a close run game given the position of both teams, and the prediction machine is giving it to Dundalk on a couple of factors, but my heart will have to overrule here. An in person roar I believe will push towards a Blues win.

St. Patricks (69%) vs Longford (10%)
The Probability of a Draw between St. Patricks and Longford is 18%

St. Patricks (1.47xG) vs Longford (0.78xG)

In this one St. Pats need to get back to winning ways and may be lucky for them here’s a fixture against Longford , prediction is a St. Pats win

Drogheda (31%) vs Sligo Rovers (42%)
The Probability of a Draw between Drogheda and Sligo Rovers is 26%

Drogheda (1.22xG) vs Sligo Rovers (1.35xG)

The Drogs have held their own on the return to the Premier Division and will prove to be a tough test for a Sligo team that have also done well, but happen to have ups and downs. The predictions are edging towards a Sligo win in one way, and towards Drogs in another, and so I’ll go for the Draw.

Finn Harps (14%) vs Shamrock Rovers (62%)
The Probability of a Draw between Finn Harps and Shamrock Rovers is 24%

Finn Harps (1.33xG) vs Shamrock Rovers (1.67xG)

Finally we get to the Harps against Rovers, with Harps having a good win last time out, but Rovers are going for the league and so a Rovers win here.