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LOI Matchday 23 Predictions

August 5th, 2021

A shortened set of fixtures to review from match day 22, and the system got 2 predictions correct out of the 3 matches, and of all the ones I didn’t back the Blues as a Blues win was against the odds, so glad to see them win but not great for a weekend clean sweep.

Running total is 46 correct predictions out of 100 predictions made so far this season in the LOI. And easy to see a 46% success rate with the predictions, which doesn’t look great, but it’s certainly picked up from the start of the season.

Anyway on to match day 23.

Derry City (55%) vs Drogheda (21%)
The Probability of a Draw between Derry City and Drogheda is 23%

Derry City (1.13xG) vs Drogheda (0.85xG)

Derry are on a bit of a roll, and looks like a Derry win here.

Waterford (37%) vs Bohemians (35%)
The Probability of a Draw between Waterford and Bohemians is 28%

Waterford (0.78xG) vs Bohemians (1.68xG)

I have tickets to go see this match Saturday so more than anything hoping to see a Blues win. And surprising enough the system is predicting one too, so will go with the home win for Waterford.

Sligo Rovers (61%) vs Finn Harps (15%)
The Probability of a Draw between Sligo Rovers and Finn Harps is 24%

Sligo Rovers (1.29xG) vs Finn Harps (1.1xG)

Heading for a Sligo win here.

Dundalk (54%) vs St. Patricks (21%)
The Probability of a Draw between Dundalk and St. Patricks is 24%

Dundalk (1.57xG) vs St. Patricks (1.44xG)

Indicators here are for a Dundalk win, which would be a hammer blow to St. Pat’s (for the league) given the defeat last week.

Shamrock Rovers (74%) vs Longford (7%)
The Probability of a Draw between Shamrock Rovers and Longford is 15%

Shamrock Rovers (1.51xG) vs Longford (0.78xG)

Can Longford pull off a shock result this weekend, all the indicators say ….. nope, thi should be a Rovers win.