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What a week at the IETF

August 6th, 2008

How do you describe such a week long meeting …… its just mind shattering.
It started with an excellent new comers presentation by Scott Bradner

There were some highlights from MEXT such as the
The Global HAHA Operation at the Interop Tokyo 2008 & The Design Consideration of Correspondent Router [pdf]
RADIUS Mobile IPv6 Support [pdf]
Also from MIPSHOP
AAA-based Handover key for FMIPv6 [pdf]
and Netmod
NETMOD Architecture
But this is just to mention the tip of the iceberg of the many interactive sessions from IETF #72. And I say interactive, as at all the sessions I attended there were questions from the floor towards the speaker, something I’ve not seen before. And believe there were some very strong questions, if I remember rightly John called it a session of feeding someone to the sharks!
For me this made the sessions memorable.
A large number of the IETF 72 Meeting Materials can be accessed from this link provided.
The week ended with an Advisory Council meeting with ISOC. The TSSG are new organisational members to the AC and this was my first opportunity to attend such a session. One eye opener was the presentation by Arnoud Van Wijk, Disability Projects Coordinator, on the Real-Time Text Task Force, this is something definitely worth further investigation.