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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-12

June 12th, 2010
  • @Nerdiac its the set of floodlights around the stadium causing the shadows in reply to Nerdiac #
  • I have Eng Vs USA down as a draw but either which way I hope it's entertaining. #
  • @sdempsey but for today the style of Arg makes for an interesting match in reply to sdempsey #
  • Wondering about the yellow card rules for the #worldcup Well here's an update #
  • Hey this Arg Vs Nga has got off to a good start #worldcup #
  • Just back from Madrid & from seat 18a got to enjoy the 1st half of the kick-ass movie. #
  • @fionahaughney meant to say Kilkenny was buzzin Saturday only thing at 1.30 was dying for food & got rejected as the place had no chips left in reply to fionahaughney #

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