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Transformations Exhibit at the Science Gallery

January 8th, 2009

In celebration of ten years of the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI), the Higher Education Authority (HEA) hosted the Transformations exhibition in the Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin from Thursday 27th November – Tuesday 2nd December.

The TSSG have been recipients of support from this programme and had the pleasure of presenting demonstrations from our research. Our exhibit was called the “Metropolitan Information Management System” and a number of TSSG staff worked extremely hard to highlight how our research has impacted on everyones day-to-day live; helping us to get around faster, to plan more effectively and to understand our environment.
The exhibit ‘Services in the City’ demonstrated to the visitors a scenario in which a person within the vicinity of a city centre could gain access to various information like shopping, child amenities, entertainment, directions to a location, details of the travel options etc., on their PDA or mobile phone.
This demonstration also marked the success of a PRTLI funded project called M-Zones which provided the basis and initial research that led to this vision of ubiquitous computing being pursued. The TSSG is currently involved in newly funded HEA project called “Serving Society: Management of Future Communications Networks and Services” or HEA FutureComm. This interdisciplinary project is investigating the relationship between technological and social trends/aspects in the future communication networks.
Back to the exhibit when you see how the set up of the demo looked before being constructed in the Science Gallery there were times when you wondered …… will this really be an interactive exhibit, however once the finished exhibit was in place it looked great, and people did come and interact!

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