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Recent good read: The Comedy Writer

July 4th, 2010

The act of traveling, especially at the airport and on to the plane really isn’t that exciting, so an important addition to the 10kg carry on luggage is some good reading material. I have found this more and more essential as the on board magazines usually doesn’t hold my attention for too long, and given the electronic media restrictions, there’s always that lull time between the gate opening and the plane getting to cruising speed, coupled with the final decent and taxi to final gate. There’s amble time to read a few passages of a book in this white space and I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading The Comedy Writer by Peter Farrelly.

The book has been out there for 10 years or so, wasn’t what I expected, and not a laugh a minute,  but it is set up perfectly for this stop start type of reading and I definitely had a number of good bursts of laughter from the writing style  and for that reason  I’ve rated it as a good read.