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Social networking through your mobile, but is it ready?

October 7th, 2007

Linked to the previous post on the Mozilla Joey project I joined the private Beta of Nokias’ Mosh social networking site back in August. Although it’s only really worth talking about now as the site is more visable to the outside world.
Looks like there are a number of players in this space and I also came across CellFish but just didn’t have the time (heart) to register yet.
Anyway originally all interaction with Mosh was through the web browser, but I’ve just found a new app to run on the phone which curisously I’m more willing to do than purely use the broswer on the phone. Now I thought, Nokia will the get the mobile client right even if the server side does not look top notch, but in this case on initial impression the app isn’t that great, all links kick you off to the phones browser which I wasn’t too happy with in the first place and now i have the added stoppage as I always authorise my network connections.
Anyway in this case the Mosh community is a little too small to make big impact as the wow factor, as the content is sparse and I get the impression that everyone else on the site is just like me, just having a look in to see briefly what it’s all about. Case in point one document suggested for me was one called test.txt ….. hmmmmm
To me it feels like social networking as we know it today isn’t ready.