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Protecting privacy in this social networking age

April 28th, 2009

I must admit I’m an avid reader of Bernie Goldbach’s blog and his most recent acertion in regards to protecting personal privacy online rings true.

This goes hand in hand with some recent material coming from the EC in regards to privacy in the digital age [pdf]. The theme coming through here is clear “European privacy rules are crystal clear: a person’s information can only be used with their prior consent”.
Its the rule ….. but then I wondered how would this be enforced? Which lead me to find this site on what the EU is doing in regards to Social Networking sites.
There’s a document that makes for interesting reading off the site on “Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU [pdf]“. Here are the 7 principles SN’s should consider:

  • Principle 1: Raise awareness of safety education messages and acceptable use policies to users, parents, teachers and carers in a prominent, clear and age-appropriate manner
  • Principle 2: Work towards ensuring that services are age-appropriate for the intended audience
  • Principle 3: Empower users through tools and technology
  • Principle 4: Provide easy-to-use mechanisms to report conduct or content that
    violates the terms of service
  • Principle 5: Respond to notifications of Illegal content or conduct
  • Principle 6: Enable and encourage users to employ a safe approach to personal
    information and privacy
  • Principle 7: Assess the means for reviewing illegal or prohibited content/conduct

  • There are some pretty compelling signatories to these principles.