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Mozilla Labs Project Joey

October 7th, 2007

On the Push Down
I’ve been a longtime fan of Firefox, and when recently using a N800 and N80 to deep dive the web on mobile devices I came across some alpha testing at Mozilla Labs which tells me that “Project Joey brings the Web content you need most to your mobile phone by allowing you to easily send it to your device. You can quickly mark content that is important to you and have that content always available while using your mobile phone.”
So off to I go and find a video presentation on the project.

Project Joey, Customize Your Mobile Web Experience – Tutorial from AirMozilla and Vimeo.
I’ve been registered with Project Joey since May, although I had to re-register just last month due to a server change on the Mozilla side but as mentioned in this description of the Joey mobile web content manager I had no luck getting the jar for my nokia N80. So I went to the Mozilla SVN repository and pulled down the client code.
A quick build later and Project Joey is alive on my mobile, and I’m seriously underwhelmed immediately it is becoming obvious that while the server side is just fine, the mobile side is seriously lacking.
At least this wasn’t too much of a miss adventure, more than anything this particular video on Project Joey has alerted me towards the video content distributor Vimeo, which to me works much better than some of the other competitors in this space.