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Living Labs and Services Science

January 15th, 2007

Interesting article on IEEE Spectrum: IBM Takes the Guesswork Out of Services Consulting, which may have some barring on the Living Labs approach and in particular on our attempt to describe the “Open Innovation Services of the Living Labs”. Although as with the Living Labs definition there is some way to go before the services science has a clear charter.
Services Science:

curricula, training, and research programs that are designed to teach individuals to apply scientific, engineering, and management disciplines that integrate elements of computer science, operations research, industrial engineering, business strategy, management sciences, and social and legal sciences, in order to encourage innovation in how organizations create value for customers and shareholders that could not be achieved through such disciplines working in isolation.

Living Lab:

The Living Lab is an environment for building a future economy in which user-centric innovation will be the normal creation technique for new products and services.
This vision is moving the goal posts from a position where the user is seen as the research object and consumer of industry lead innovations, to a position where the user and user communities are contributors and co-creators of product and service innovations.