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August 29th, 2006

I’ve finally made it to Helsinki, after missing my initial flight out of Cork, I had a worrying wait on the reserve list of the next flight out and once I got it, I then had a very tight connection in Heathrow, to finlly get out to Helsinki. I made it and so did my baggage, which was a surprise, that’s two visits through Heathrow in a week, and it’s not so bad really.
I’m here at the Helsinki School of Economics presenting at the the HSE – 2006 | CKIR Workshop in Helsinki 29-30 August, 2006 which has a theme this year of “The challenge of ‘Open Innovation’ to firms, regions and public agencies’ and a number of the presentations, are attempting to look at the changing nature of service and business development, work and technology in the Internet world.
Into the earlier morning session and I need to follow up on
The Wisdom of Crowds
Europe INNOVA initiative presents the first comprehensive cluster mapping report in the EU-10 new Member States