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December 7th, 2008

ICT 2008 Lyon banner
The ICT 2008 event in Lyon was massive ….. again it never ceases to amaze me the pure size of this event.
ICT 2008 Lyon Location shot
There was just so much to cover at this event and it is interesting to see it from a number of different perspectives, such as Dave Levy’s entry on ict_2008_lyon and this report on the opening plenary debate of the ICT 2008.
And you can gather a flavour of this event for yourself with a look at the plenary session videos.
Although as with any conference there were networking sessions that were not run very well, and then there were sessions such as the one on Societal and ICT perspectives: the impact of Trust, Security, Dependability, Privacy and Identity, which ran very smoothly (okay shameless plug this session was organised by the TSSG).
There were 11 people from the TSSG including Paul Malone, Mark McLaughlin, John Ronan, Martin Serrano, Jim Clarke, Kevin Doolin, Jason Finnegan, Huaiguo Fu, Keith Howker & Sinead ( I hope I haven’t missed anyone) and I would be interested to hear their thoughts on participating in such an event.