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Interactive data visualisation

July 19th, 2009

While compiling my last entry on the map of science it did make me think that in this day and age data visualisation in the ICT world should be more interactive, like this visualisation of the Linux kernel.
What caught my eye was this work by Tony Hirst on visualising the lap time data from Australian F1 grand-prix in 2009 using ManyEyes, which has led onto some very interesting social commentary on the visualisation of UK MP’s expenses.
But is all these cases of visualisation research an after the fact activity with steady data sets and results.
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But I wonder can macro architectural network patterns married with micro network component specifications and fused in a data visualisation tool, be a way to address future Internet design, pre-deployment?
And to make this happen, what exact “steady” data would I need to realise such a wonder?