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July 5th, 2009

There’s a debate raging at the moment in Ireland about the smart economy and it appears in these undoubtly tough times we are struggling with the innovation idea.
Photo Credit: miguelpdl on flicker industry collaboration and academic research or is the pursuit of IP a distraction.
Can it be that shearing Ireland’s science budget would be a mistake of monumental proportions because the figures are only coming to light now, or are these really all the facts and figures.
Maybe this new Innovation Taskforce will get to the bottom of it and set us on the right track, that’s of course assuming that Ireland cares!
At least the science parks are in place, which maybe the key.
I leave these thoughts with a quote via @Leslie Lamport

Jean Renoir wrote in his autobiography that someone once asked his father, the painter Auguste, why he painted from nature. Renoir père answered that if he were to try painting a tree in the studio, he would be able to draw four or five different kinds of leaves, and the rest would all look like them. But nature creates millions [his count] of different kinds of trees.