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German Living Lab Event, WTC Bremen

September 19th, 2006

I’ve just spent a couple of lovely days in Bremen (temp avg. 28C) on the inviation of BIBA’s Division IKAP who hosted the German Living Labs Event, at the World Trade Center Bremen
There were an interesting mix of topics, “Towards a European Network of Living Labs”, “Examples and Visions of Living Labs”, “Industrial Perspectives on Living Labs” and “Applications for Living Labs – Specific Scenarios and Customer Groups”. The speakers made a good case and obvious need for the Living Labs concept, but I left feeling that we are truely in the early days of this initiative and there are many things (service offerings) to sort out.
This event was also an opportunity to meet up with all the CoreLabs partners after the summer break. There was loads to catch up on, deliverables to finalise and a Lanuch Event (Nov. 20th) to prepare for.