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Future Internet Meme

March 8th, 2009

So the internet crowd was asked Do We Need a New Internet? and John Markoff’s article in the New York Times has induced an interesting response from the Slashdot and Digg crowd.
7 maart - NU FUTURE: Het Grote Recessiefeest by De Balie
Its mostly negative such as this punchline from Milton Mueller at CiricleID

people who say that we can fix the problems of the Internet by developing a “new” Internet are saying, in effect, that we can undo history and start over again.

Ed Felten plainly says No Thanks and argues that

The Net, like any large human-built institution, is far from perfect — but that doesn’t mean that we would be better off tearing it down and starting over.

David Akin reckons the Internet may just Need new Users. The short answers in all these items seems to be an Almost Certainly, No and for the long answer … well I’ll leave that to one Gene Spafford, one of the quoted interviewees for the NY Times piece, Gene thinks the

Internet itself is not the biggest problem. Rather, it is the endpoints, the policies, the economics, and the legal environment that make things so difficult.