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Future Internet: Looking at the past looking at the Future

September 16th, 2007

Seriously can we design the Future Internet. Well one of the items we’re going to have to look at is ‘How’ people will use the internet in the future.
Well others have tried to predict future technologies and the next couple of videos are not a bad attempt.
From 1967 the Philco-Ford Corporation released the following video which holds some predictions for home computer use in 1999.

Now I must say this isn’t a bad attempt, and in looking at it, it may be too accurate, but the folks over at Boing Boing seem to confirm that it was a true release.
And Apple with all it’s latest iPod gadet releases have this FutureShock from 1987

Both these concept videos nearly hit the mark, while maybe a little off on the social aspects of ‘their’ tomorrow, and while overall we’re not quite in that future world, the point is we must imagine ‘again’ before we can deliver.