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For the Future Internet, the challenges are many

August 24th, 2006

Berlin is massive, it’s such a pity I didn’t have more time to explore, I was mainly in the Tiergarten area and managed to catch the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag.
As for the topic of the day, the ‘Future Internet’ well there are many, many, many many challenges. In order to focus I started with a look at the Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet: Brief History of the Internet article. One key line I took from this “The most pressing question for the future of the Internet is not how the technology will change, but how the process of change and evolution itself will be managed.”
In reviewing this topic, and participating in the days workshop I also found the following EU sources
Report on the “COMMUNICATION NETWORKS OF THE FUTURE” Brussels, 29 March 2006 [pdf]
“Visions of Future Generation Networks” (EuroView2006) July 31st – August 1st 2006
quite helpful.