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FIA Madrid 2008

January 21st, 2009

No its not a round of the F1 calendar, but an assembly gathering of European researchers contributing to the vision of the Future Internet.
Full details on the agenda for the 2 day meeting along with all the presentations and position papers can be found on this link
From the plenary session I found the German G-Lab project as described by Volkmar Dietz, BMBF quite interesting.
The majority of my time was spent in the Management and Service Aware Networking Architecture (MANA) session.
There were invited talks from the US on “Future Internet of Networks and Services” where Jeff Chase (Duke University) and Suzanne Iacono (NSF) offered their view points.
For the panel session on Service-aware Networking Architectures, I found the item presented by George Pavlou (UCL, U.K.) – for evolutionary service-aware architectures the most enlightening. However in aspect I didn’t enjoy from this session was the fact that the agenda mentioned that the panelists should have a 10 min short presentation and then a Q+A ….. every speaker seemed to overrun their time which left the whole session seriously overran with impatience!
The third panel on the “Self-management of Future Internet” had a presentation by Marcus Bunner (NEC Research, Germany) – for In-network management, which very much follows up on our collaboration in the WP4 of the ICT 4WARD project.
Also there was Joe Butler (Intel, Ireland) – highlighting the SLA for service management research coming out of the ICT SLA@SOI project.
In the summary proceedings for this MANA session 11 questions as asked during the session were highlighted. Most interesting for me were the discussion on:
• What the changes are there in Management responsibilities for Future Internet.
• What the changes are there in relationships between Management and Governance.
• What the changes are there in accountability and responsibility in Future Internet.
• What the changes are there in relation to Management and Costs in Future Internet.
• What the changes are there in management technologies.
All will be fully answered and solved by the next event which is planned for Prague, May 11th-13th 2009.