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December 12th, 2008

I need to go back a little before I release some of my more recent activities and so before I get into the last concertation meeting [1] for the FP7 ICT Network of the Future projects an updated cluster map is available see below.
3 destinctive clusters have been established:
1) Radio Access and Spectrum (RAS)
2) Future Internet (FI)
3) Converged and Optical Networks (CaON)
From the 30th Sept to 2nd Oct there were cluster meetings, a plenery meeting and a couple workshops worth noting.
For the cluster meeting, I attended the Workshop on Self-Management, which was organized by a partner of mine in the EFIPSANS project, Ranganai Chaparadza, and his presentation on the rationale, duration scope and structure of a new ISG being proposed towards ETSI for the Autonomic Network Engineering for the Self-Managing Future Internet [pdf] was quite interesting.
A set of slides expressing the conclusions from this cluster meeting can be found here [pdf] and all the presentations for the day can be found on this link.
While I had to head for Stockholm at the end of this 1st day, my collegue Kevin Quinn stayed for the plenary sessions, where there was some significant progress made on the Madrid Future Internet Assembly preparation [pdf].
Finally the last day completed with a 4WARD workshop on Future Internet ‘Business Innovation and Regulation Challenges [pdf]. The workshop was broken into 4 parts with Session 1 giving a 4WARD introduction and then an overview of the projects Use Cases and Business Models. Session 2 looked at Policy, Regulation & Governance and Session 3 covered Future Internet Innovations. It all ended with a Panel Discussion on the Network of the Future: Is there a business for a radically new approach?
All the presentations from this 4WARD workshop can be picked up off the 4WARD website

[1] I always wondered if the word concertation was a real word. It appears it is, well in Wikipedia land, however in the dictionary of record OED I cannot find it at all as there is no publicly available search function and from Collins and Merriam-Websters I’ve not had much luck either, so does the word concertation really exist?