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Cool Orange drink but with 0.5% alcohol could the kids get drunk?

July 10th, 2010

With all the hot weather in Ireland recently it’s been nice to see the shops stocked with many different options for a cool drink and on a recent trip with Mia PdL to the shops I got the famous call “I’m thristy Daddy”. When Mia says thristy she means “I’m thristy now” so lucky enough we were right beside the soft drinks fridge and so I let her choose.
Mia picked this drink from Fentimans, an unknow brand to me, but the drink looked organey and cold so we went for it.

Mia took a couple of sips and pronounced, “Ahh nice beer”, which I must admit I didn’t take too much notice of, then a few seconds latter ….. “Ahh nice beer”, now I’m curious, what’s this 3 year old on about, so I take a sip …… wow that does smell and taste like beer and then I look at the label

Yeap in the small print it reads “Not more than 0.5% alcohol by volume”. Holy crap that’s the same as a Beck non-alcoholic beer, what do I do, I have questions, is this fine for kids, should it be in reach of other soft drinks in the shop, I was and I am still totally unsure.

According to the official Fentimans site “Naturally fermented, they contain less than 1/2% alcohol, so they may be enjoyed by all ages”

But I’m not so sure, what do you think?