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Yahoo pipes and mobile web 2.0 news

September 25th, 2007

I’d heard of it ….. Yahoo Pipes that is, but didn’t really give a look see until yesterday. The reason, well RSS feed reading, as in the physical task of going through reading a feeds content. I’ve got a good few to get through and I was finding it a little frustrating recently, so I went to Yahoo Pipes, created a single feed that’s a union of Read/Write Web, Mashable and TechCrunch and filtered the feed on one single criteria ….. the content must have the word ‘mobile’ in it.
Yahoo Pipes
Today was my first attempt to see if it was worth doing. So out of a possible 75 news items from Read/Write Web, Mashable and TechCrunch I had just 10 items in my Web 2.0 Mobile News from Yahoo Pipe.
Out of these 10 two very interesting stories popped out
1) a set of slides by Rudy De Waele on the Mobile 2.0 Start-Up Ecosystem
2) and this news item published by David Recordon on France Telecom’s support for OpenID!. Now that’s a big news item.
And what did the filter miss that I might have been interested in. Well there were at least 7~8 stories I would have taken a look at but hey the filter would never have caught them anyway.
So for me it’s a success and I’m off to Widsets to create a widget of this Yahoo Pipe on my phone.