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Are IP Addresses interesting?

May 26th, 2007

In IPv4 land the answer is ….No …..
It should uniquely identify my host on a network.
But my IPv4 address location is not unique! I’m some highly anonymous proxy.
Then there must be something interesting if a series of mathematical, coincidental, pattern finding, psychometric and just plain silly tests are run on it.
Well okay there’s something hapening here …
IP Spotting Score
Well as you can see my score was “20” on such a test and of the 292195 IP’s spotted so far, this was ranked: 47726.
Your IP address as a bitmapTry it yourself
But what happens with my IPv6 Address? Nothing on the IP Address Locator & IP spotting sites I’m afraid. But with such tools coverted to IPv6 what would we learn then?

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