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Advanced networking on the Perimeter

July 19th, 2010

The Perimeter project is heading into its thrid year and is really starting to build up a head a steam. The project is looking to achieve seamless mobility driven by actual user needs rather than simply business considerations. Putting the users at the centre rather than the operator enables them to finely control the way their identity, preferences and credentials are used.
In order to explore this space the project recently released its view on how emergency services could be enhanced with the aid of Perimeter mobility technology. This depiction of the emergency scenario is further explained by the TSSG researchers, Frances, Eileen and Gemma on the Perimeter blog.
In supporting this technological roll out and testing, the TSSG team have procured a FEDERICA slice for use within the project. The slice consists of five virtual nodes, which will be

used to deploy the PERIMETER Support Nodes and will allow for a natural maturation of the of the interconnection from a Layer 3 to a Layer 2 connection between the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and the Technische Universitaet Berlin (TUB) testbeds used in PERIMETER. The slice will be used for a variety of purposes within PERIMETER including scalability, performance, network overloading and disruptive testing.

From my perspective this is a significant milestone as not only does it extend our testing capabilities in the TSSG, but goes some way to proving the existence of experimentally-driven research methodology in the area of the Future Internet. In talking to Eileen, Gemma and Frances they have a more precise definition and have added this opinion to the recently publihsed paper by the FIREworks Support Action. As we drive into the third and final year of the project I’m quite sure experience will further refine this experimentally-driven research methodology.