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LOI Matchday 20 Predictions

July 8th, 2021

So what happened last week, I had another 3 out of 5 result. I should have gone with the system prediction of a Rovers win, ah well.

Running total is 40 out of 89 predictions made during the season.

Only a few matches this week due to the European qualification matches and so for this week I’ll put my neck on the line for the following results.

Finn Harps (28%) vs Waterford (44%)
The Probability of a Draw between Finn Harps and Waterford is 27%

Finn Harps (1.35xG) vs Waterford (0.66xG)

There’s a few pointers to a Blues win here in the simulations, and Finn Harps only had a narrow win the last time in Finn Park, and so going for the Waterford win here.

St. Patricks (48%) vs Derry City (25%)
The Probability of a Draw between St. Patricks and Derry City is 26%

St. Patricks (1.57xG) vs Derry City (0.86xG)

If St. Pats are going for the title push then nows the time to stamp on it, predicting a win here for St. Pats.

Longford (32%) vs Drogheda (42%)
The Probability of a Draw between Longford and Drogheda is 25%

Longford (0.7xG) vs Drogheda (0.87xG)

Drogheda had a nice healthy win here the last time they played at Bishopsgate, and the system is slightly predicting another win here for Drogheda and so will go with it, although it could end up being a draw.