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A tour around the new Landsdowne Road Aviva Stadium

May 18th, 2010

With the new Landsdowne Road Aviva Stadium officially opening up last week I took the opportunity to attend a technology conference event and then take a tour of the new stadium.

The Aviva Stadium at Landsdowne Road

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I have to say it is quite compact (I think 50,000 all seater) and on the fourth tier there was definitely a feeling of vertigo. To my surprise the tour guide allowed us to enter the IRFU presidents room (Directors Box) and we got to walk out the players tunnel onto pitch side.

On the day the stadium was a luscious green alround, but the one thing that surprised me was that the stadium really only has 3 sides which kind of reminds me of a baseball stadium, something like Wrigley Field. I wonder will they ever host a baseball match in the summer?

Anyway given the compactness of the stadium I have no doubt that the first real Landsdowne Roar will be awesome!