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MONET Special Issue: Advances In Wireless Test beds and Research Infrastructures

May 5th, 2010

Finally, after a long arduous process, which started on the 16 of October 2008, my guest editorship of the Mobile Networks and Applications Journal (MONET) with a special issue on Advances In Wireless Test beds and Research Infrastructures has finally come to press.

This whole experience has been an eye opener, having got through the chairmanship of TridentCom ’08 I thought the pressure was off, the conference was a success and all that had to be done was follow up the conference with a relevant journal, representing the highest quality research being carried out in the area of test beds and research infrastructures.
Things started off well in October 2008 with an invite to act as guest editor for the Mobile Networks and Applications Journal (MONET), and I called upon Frank Steuer, Jens Schumacher, and Thomas Magedanz to give me a helping hand which I must say I got immediate support from them.
We decided to host an open call for the Journal which was on track in December 2008 until a print backlog issue came up in regards to the Journal, which meant we had to push out our schedule by a couple of months. We then had to factor in that TridentCom ’09 was just around the corner and so we reset our deadlines to coinside with this upcoming conference at which point Shiwen Mao and Scott Midkiff joined the editorial team.
As the deadline approached, as editor I got an awful lot of requests from perspective authors, some funny, some not so funny with the normal one being “can I have an extension”. I was happy to help those that I could, although I recieved a couple of 10-15 line abstracts with requests to flesh out the rest of the paper for the author, which I just couldn’t support and a number of papers submitted to the incorrect special edition.
I found the reviews the toughest and the longest part of the process there were a large number of papers to go through and each needed a number of reviewers, I really could not have got through this without the help a number of TSSG colleagues.
Once the final reviews were complete it was time for my co-guest editors in Shiwen, Frank, Jens , Thomas , Raheem and Scott to rank and rate all the papers, their input and support was invaluable at this time, and we had to go through a hard decision process in regards to papers that made it in to the journal and those that just missed out.
I thought at that point we were nearly there but no, there was more tasks to come as the accepted authors needed to provide revisions or updates based on the review comments, and then the publication office of MONET required some slight modifications before being published.
The final item to be completed was the Editorial and once that was in place, it was a relatively smooth ride until publication day.
So there we go the Mobile Networks and Applications Journal (MONET) with a special issue on Advances In Wireless Test beds and Research Infrastructures is finally on the bookshelves, with 12 articles covering the evolution of experimentation facilities related to the improvements in wireless mesh networking, to an extensive spectrum occupancy measurement study, which provides the motivation for dynamic spectrum access (DSA) and everything in between I hope you find at least one of the articles of interest.
Article 1.
Trends, Advances, and Challenges in Testbed-based Wireless Mesh Network Research
Bastian Blywis, Mesut Guenes, Felix Juraschek and Jochen H. Schiller
Article 2.
A Testbed for Energy Profile Characterization of IP Services in Smartphones over Live Networks
Almudena Díaz Zayas and Pedro Merino Gómez
Article 3.
Integration of 3G Connectivity in PlanetLab Europe
Alessio Botta, Roberto Canonico, Giovanni Di Stasi, Antonio Pescapé, Giorgio Ventre and Serge Fdida
Article 4.
Service-oriented Access to Next Generation Networks—from Service Creation to Execution
Niklas Blum, Irina Boldea, Thomas Magedanz and Tiziana Margaria
Article 5.
Automated Troubleshooting of a UMTS-WLAN Test Platform
Ronan Skehill, Carlos Antonio de Ramos and Sean Mc Grath
Article 6.
Proposed Framework for Evaluating Quality of Experience in a Mobile, Testbed-oriented Living Lab Setting
Katrien De Moor, Istvan Ketyko, Wout Joseph, Tom Deryckere, Lieven De Marez, Luc Martens and Gino Verleye
Article 7.
A Kerberized Architecture for Fast Re-authentication in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Rafa Marin-Lopez, Fernando Pereñiguez-Garcia, Yoshihiro Ohba, Fernando Bernal-Hidalgo and Antonio F. Gomez
Article 8.
Service Oriented Testbed Infrastructures: a Cross-Layer Approach for NGNs
Niklas Blum, Thomas Magedanz, Florian Schreiner and Sebastian Wahle
Article 9.
Dynamic Rate and FEC Adaptation for Video Multicast in Multi-rate Wireless Networks
Özgü Alay, Thanasis Korakis, Yao Wang and Shivendra Panwar
Article 10.
Addressing Scalability in a Laboratory-Based Multihop Wireless Testbed
Brenton Walker, Jessica Seastrom, Ginnah Lee and Kun Lin
Article 11.
Utility Function Selection for Streaming Videos with a Cognitive Engine Testbed
Youping Zhao, Shiwen Mao, Jeffrey H. Reed and Yingsong Huang
Article 12.
Lessons Learned from an Extensive Spectrum Occupancy Measurement Campaign and a Stochastic Duty Cycle Model
Matthias Wellens and Petri Mähönen