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IPv6 Summit

April 28th, 2010

Just a short post to highlight the upcoming Irish IPv6 Summit (May 19th 2010) in Dublin Castle.
Irish IPv6 Summit
There have been some interesting happenings in the IPv6 world recently. Like this article on “IPv4’s Last Day: What Will Happen When There Is Only IPv6?” and for a followup the SlashDot crew give you the full spectrum of thoughts in the tech world in relation to the depletion of IPv4 addresses.
Over at the ITU-T there’s a new IPv6 Group, and from its most recent meeting in March two “correspondence groups” were created to continue the discussion before its next meeting, beginning September 1, 2010.
The first correspondence group is to start developing an ITU Development Sector project to do capacity building to help developing countries to implement IPv6 deployment. The second correspondence group is assigned to identify specific cases where member states have identified a problem obtaining IPv6 addresses, and to study ways of dealing with those problems.
Of course there are those that point out the very slow transition towards IPV6 from IPv4 is a market success, and IPv6’s failure also it may appear that IPv6 has been “Lost” for a decade.
The purpose of this Irish IPv6 summit is to address all these topics and to help organisations understand this up and coming minefield.