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Open Access Journal: Scholarly Research Exchange

March 6th, 2008

This week I received a call for papers from a new open access journal called Scholarly Research Exchange. Now I must admit when I first saw the email, I just didn’t click any of the embedded links as I wasn’t sure what type of site or what type of request this was.
This introduction from Open Access News helped a little to understand, and I’ve also been keeping an eye on the Science Commons project.
Its worth having a read of the SYREXE FAQ as there is cost for the author, and the peer review process is interesting in which

the author interacts directly with reviewers during the course of the peer review process. After submitting a manuscript, the submitting author will be asked to provide the names of up to 10 proposed reviewers.

These reviewers should not be affiliated with the same institution as the submitting authors, and should not have had any input into the submitted manuscript, or have had any collaboration with any of the authors during the last 3 years. The proposed reviewers should also be geographically dispersed (e.g., they should be based in at least 2-3 different countries).

I may look to see if this is a viable/possible avenue for research dissemination.