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Securing Europes future information society

July 7th, 2006

IST Results – Securing Europe’s future information society
Two in a day. SecurIST is a project I have actively contributed to, and is run by our good selves here art the TSSG. It’s great to see it get such public recognition.
This news item is really in place to help look for feedback on the European Security & Dependability Task Force recommenadtions for FP7 in the nine thematic security areas of
* Empowerment of the various types of Stakeholder, and in particular of Citizens:
* Europe-specific Security and Dependability:
* Infrastructure Robustness and Availability:
* Interoperability:
* Processes for developing more secure and dependable systems:
* Security and Dependability Preservation:
* User-centric security and dependability standardization:
* Security and Dependability of Service Oriented Architectures:
* Technologies for security