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LOI Matchday 3 Predictions

April 1st, 2021

Before going into Match day 3 what was predicted from Match day 2, and it was 1 out of 4 matches, the St. Patricks win over Drogheda was the one and only predication right this season and nothing else, although Bohs were 2-0 up in their match at one stage.

Anyway here’s Match day 3 predictions

Longford (23%) vs Sligo Rovers (51%)
Probability of a Draw between Longford and Sligo Rovers is 25%

So calling a Sligo Rovers win and drive towards the top of the table.

Shamrock Rovers (38%) vs Dundalk (34%)
The Probability of a Draw between Shamrock Rovers and Dundalk is 28%

Calling this clash of the giants to end in a draw.

Drogheda (50%) vs Finn Harps (24%)
The Probability of a draw between Drogheda and Finn Harps is 26%

Finn Harps have had a fine start to the season but it will come to a halt in Head in the Game Park I think, so calling a Drogheda win

Derry City (44%) vs Waterford (30%)
The Probability of a Draw between Derry City and Waterford is 26%

The first points of the season will be earned by Derry City

Bohemians (35%) vs St. Patricks (36%)
The Probability of a Draw between Bohemians and St. Patricks is 29%

In this one I’ll sit on the fence and go for a draw.