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Morris Oil Piltown 10km

August 3rd, 2012

After a great summer, were I kept up the training even in the searing heat of Spain, I’m back to race in the Piltown 10km. I was looking forward to this one as I lived for sometime in Piltown, and I even train on the bog road from time to time, so this was really a home town race.

Ok I must admit I was looking to even top my most recent result from my Stoneyford 10k, however as the race drew nearer, it was clear that that afternoon I would have to return directly from Belfast, and the 4.5 hour drive didn’t do much for my legs that’s for sure.

I made it to the start line in Kildalton College, it poured rain, but still there was a decent crowd there, and I think everyone just wanted the race to start and when it did, boy did everyone go for it, damn the first 2km was fast, too fast in fact I hit a small hill and blew a cylinder, from there on in I just couldn’t get into my stride.In fact looking at the charts the 6 km mark was my worst point.

I tried to up the tempo once I got onto the Bog road, but a few people caught me and even their encouragement didn’t move up my tempo.

Adidas miCoach track of the Piltown 10km

Adidas miCoach track of the Piltown 10km

On the watch I clocked a time of 45:04 (although the GPS on the phone was a pain as it kept dropping out), and on the official timing sheets I was given a time of 44:47 and placed 80th out of 192.

I must say I left the race feeling disappointed I wanted to at least hit a personal best after all the training put in over the summer break, but on this occasion it wasn’t to be. However on reflection it was clear that this was a race, a real race as in there were very few walkers, joggers, hence the quick pace at the start, I shall learn from this. Onwards and upwards towards the race in Kilkenny in September., it’s obvious that some constant training is needed in the next few weeks.

Stoneyford 10KM Challenage

May 20th, 2012

Back to race pace again and this time in Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny and the Stoneyford 10km run.

The finish line at the Stoneyford 10km run

The finish line at the Stoneyford 10km run

The first 2.5km was a bit funny as we ran up the street and then round some bails and down the street again and the crowd was a little too bunched to get around those bails, but once we hit that first hill the groups of people really got stretched out.

Nice course, well in fact it felt more down hill than up. The watch had me at 43:30 and from the results sheet [pdf] I had an official time of 43:35. Wow thats a personal best and some! I’m proud of that.

Adidas miCoach track of the Stoneyford 10km

Adidas miCoach track of the Stoneyford 10km

I placed 39th out of 335 runners/walkers/strollers. Kate also helped with the counting of the finishers at the end.

The only sour note was in the final 2km spotting a chap being picked up by an ambulance. He was panned out on the road, completely out of breath.

Wexford 10km

April 22nd, 2012

A wet and cold morning in Wexford town today, but there was a great crowd for the race. It was interesting to see the chap Garrett Doherty, from Donegal, runthe whole Half Marathon backwards with the help of two guides, I must say he was flying from the start.

The crowd was really bunched at the start so it seemed to take a while to get started. The rain, when it came was cold, but really once I was in the swing of things I didn’t notice so much.

There was only one long hill to this course so overall it was flat enough and in the end the clock had me at 0:44:12 and from the tag 0:44:05. That was just fantastic a personnal best I’m over the moon ! I placed 27th out of 361 which I’m also pretty happy with.

The SplashWorld 10km Tramore

March 25th, 2012

First run of the year and I start with a tough one, the hilly (which I only found out during the race) SplashWorld 10km out in Tramore Co. Waterford.

Still off the watch I clocked a time of 45:38 and from the official timing, I was set at a time of 45:49, and placed 60th out of 205 runners/joggers/walkers.

I’m still pretty happy with that.

Start Line of the SplashWorld 10km

Start Line of the SplashWorld 10km: I'm in there on the left